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Knowledge Sharing & Our Stories

“Once upon a time, before technology and endless years of formal education had made us so smart, and before we became preoccupied with material wealth, we learned what mattered most in our lives by living in communities, intertwined with the people around us. They told us their stories; we told them ours. All the stories were unique, yet ultimately they were all the same. They still are the same. They’re about hope and fear, pain and deliverance. They help us make sense of our own lives, give us hope… heal our souls.”  – The Theft of the Spirit, A Journey to Spiritual Healing. by Carl A. Hammerschlag, MD, p. 13.

Older Adults in Mill Valley

As Mill Valley Commissioner on the Marin County Commission on Aging, in October 2009 I presented my annual report to the Mayor and City Council members on the status for baby boomers and older adults living in Mill Valley. Here is a link to my report presentation notes – I hope you will find it helpful to give you an idea of some of the opportunities and challenges for older people in Mill Valley as of autumn, 2009. Some things have changed – statistics, numbers, contact information perhaps, so do note that this report is from 2009.  Older Adults in Mill Valley

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention. Falls are a high priority concern for middle age and older people since they are at increased risk for bone fractures and other fall-related injuries. Using a cane or eventually a walker helps many individuals to be steadier and more confident while walking. Some of the reasons, clients cite for falling are: tripping on something, their legs just “giving out”, and feeling dizzy. One often overlooked cause of unsteadiness and lightheadedness is dehydration. As we age, our sense of thirst tends to decrease – so it is important that we consciously make sure to drink plenty of water every day. An easy way to help fight the dehydration that can occur over the course of the night is to keep a glass of water on your night stand. When you wake up, sit up and drink the water before getting out of bed. Also, squeezing your calves and circling your ankles *before you get out of bed* will help increase your lower body circulation and make you feel steadier when you do get up and on your feet. For more fall prevention tips, check out   http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/fall-prevention/HQ00657   .

Baby Boomers & Older Adults – Healthy Aging in Marin

I will be posting articles and links more frequently that I hope will be useful and of interest to Marin baby boomers and older adults.

Note: As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I do not give medical advice. I do, however, point out situations where it might be a very good idea to consult with your MD. Please feel free to write to me and ask me to address any topics you want to suggest in future blog posts.  Best wishes, Nancy