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Whistlestop Turns 60 and Celebrates with WHISTLESTOCK

Join us at Rancho Nicasio on Sept 28th from 1-7PM for a celebration of Whistlestop’s 60th birthday!


Wonderful rockers will entertain us including Country Joe McDonald, Sopwith Camel, Peter K from the Jefferson Starship, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Ace of Cups and friends, and It’s A Beautiful Day.


This is a fundraiser for Whistlestop as we dramatically increase our services and facility in the next two years, including a 5 story building with 48 affordable senior housing apartments. We give 200,000 rides a year to seniors in Marin and serve hundreds of people through our Meals on Wheels and onsite meal services.


Hope to see you there. For more information click on

Whistlestock .



The Exploding Rate of Depression & Suicide in Older Adults

suicide_cdc_report_140261191The recent suicide of Robin Williams has rightly called our society’s attention to the devastating illness of Major Depression. Major Depression is not just having a bad day or some sad times. Major Depression curls people into a fetal position, makes them feel that they are in another world, one of grayness and severe pain. It does not help these people to cavalierly tell them about your time a month ago when you had a bad day and that they should just “buck up” and get over it. That reminds me of when someone is bereaved, and people thoughtlessly tell them they should just get a puppy and they’ll feel a lot better. What?!!  


PBS’s “Next Avenue”, one of my favorite websites on growing older, featured an article today on the dramatic increase in suicides amongst the boomer generation, particularly the men. Please read it and be conscious of watching for signs in people you love. Reach out to them, learn about depression yourself and resources in your community, so you can be a help.

 “What Does the Exploding Rate of Boomer Suicide Say About Us?”