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Helping You Understand and Support Your Aging Parents

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Are you worried about your aging parents? Are you afraid there are things happening with them that you don’t understand and can’t seem to fix? Do they seem anxious, lonely, irritable, or depressed? Do you wonder if this is all part of normal aging, or whether there is something you can or should do to help them?

If you are working, raising your children, maybe even your grandchildren, and caring for your aging parents, you are part of the “sandwich generation”. Trying to juggle all of the demands on your time without the right kind of support is a recipe for a huge amount of stress. It is also a potential health risk.

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You CAN find relief. As a gerontologist-therapist, I can provide counseling focused on your concerns. I’ll help you take advantage of proven strategies that will ease the burden. Many other adult children of aging parents have come up with successful solutions of their own. Since I have met with so many of them during the past years, I’ve accumulated a wide range of knowledge that I’m happy to share with you. 

Benefits of Counseling for Children of Aging Parents from a Gerontologist-Therapist

  • Accurate information about normal vs. unhealthy behaviors in older life
  • Effective strategies for setting boundaries to avoid burnout
  • Crisis management strategies when facing health, emotional and interpersonal relationship challenges
  • Communication strategies for effectively dealing with your parents, siblings and health professionals
  • Multi-generational relationship repair 
  • Practical steps for building a strong support network for you and for your parent
  • Insightful guidance through your own feelings about aging and mortality
  • Grief counseling 
  • How to tell and how to help when parents have cognitive decline
  • Tips for locating top senior living alternatives in Marin including “aging in place”
  • Strategies for managing relationships with parents with personality disorders
  • Practical, up-to-date information on local resources and support services

If you have an aging parent and want to explore the benefits of gerontology counseling, please call me for a free 20-minute consultation at: 415-378-6577 to see if we’re a good fit. Then, we’ll set up an in-person appointment in San Anselmo or Mill Valley or by phone.

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