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Your Guide to the Ins and Outs of Aging

As a boomer myself, I know how amazing and stimulating it has been to be in the forefront of forging new perspectives. Our generation witnessed and participated in some of the greatest social changes in our country’s history. We spearheaded countless technology and scientific innovations. Now, we are leading the way again in defining what it means to age consciously.

I am intimately familiar with this territory of middle and older life personally and also professionally through my training, education and years of experience. People in the Boomer age group are facing unique stressors and challenges that therapists untrained in gerontology (the study of aging) generally don’t have the experience or education to comprehend or treat.

Often, Boomer era clients like you come to see me because you are concerned about your aging parents. Most of the time, you are also besot with the challenges of raising your own children at the same time. Plus, you are probably struggling with juggling jobs, marriages, finances, your own health, kids and sometimes grandkids too.

This balancing act is tough! When you come in to see me, you are in a safe and nonjudgmental, compassionate space. You are listened to and heard. You will feel supported and then offered, according to your need, a wide range of stress reduction techniques as well as effective, practical strategies, including local resources, to help alleviate anxiety, depression, confusion and stress.

Middle Age is a Wakeup Call

Lynn and her mom

Photo by Marianne Gontarz York

Many of us Boomers experience a wakeup call when we are in our middle and “early old age” years – we are suddenly aware that we are becoming older ourselves and we see more clearly the tenuousness of life. We don’t know if we will be able to age safely or gracefully. We become busy planning our future, wondering how our lives will be when we are old. where we will live, how we will live, who will take care of us. Fears take hold.

Coping with increasingly constant change is also a big topic. For example, how do we adjust to moving on from our working lives, downsize homes, move to a different town and let go of children with lives of their own? How do we productively fill our days? How are we now in this next chapter of our lives. I call this the “What’s It All About Alfie” time of life.

Compassionate, Safe, Competent Sounding Board

I ponder these questions with you, with gentle vigor and humor, while moving towards the answers. We home in on your current stressors, your lifelong coping strengths, take a look at some unhelpful habits (and we all have them!) to let go of, and learn new tools for developing inner peace.

I serve as an effective, nonjudgmental and kidn sounding board as you work through your feelings, tell your stories, and talk about your fears, hopes, disappointments, dreams and plans. Having a knowledgeable, genuinely caring and nonjudgmental expert on the ins and outs of conscious aging is of tremendous value to successfully navigate through the territory at this time of life.

If you are a boomer struggling with some of the issues mentioned above, please take a step and reach out to find support and guidance. You can call anytime for your free 20-minute consultation at: 415-378-6577 Then, if you like, we’ll schedule an in-person appointment in San Anselmo or Mill Valley or via telephone.

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