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There’s no road map for how your older years will be. You may not know what to expect except by what you have seen and experienced through other members of your family or friends. But, your older years may be very different from theirs.

Many of my clients in their 80s and 90s come to see me because they need a safe sounding board to voice their concerns. They also seek guidance from an expert – someone who can provide solid advice and resources. As a geriatric therapist, I provide the type of counseling that addresses the unique situations and concerns that accompany the process of aging.

Here Are Some Situations We Address

  • “I seem to want to stay home more than I used to. My adult kids worry that I’m depressed and are always telling me to get out more. I start to wonder if they’re right. Is this normal at my age or is there something wrong with me?
  • “I feel very lonely. I’ve lost many of my friends and loved ones, and I am missing a sense of community. I can’t talk with my kids – instead of listening, they just try to fix it.”
  • “My spouse has died. At first I felt numb, bereft. It’s still taking me awhile to get back on my feet. People tell me I need to move on, or even get a pet! How long does grieving take?”
  • “My daughter is my primary caregiver. She says she’s happy to do it, but I can see that stress is swamping her – she works, has a husband and kids. How can we arrange things to make life easier for both of us?
  • “I moved into retirement community recently. It’s nice, but I miss my home. People told me it takes a month to settle in. It’s been longer than that. How can I make new friends here?” 
  • “Fears about the future wake me up at night. I worry about how I will be able to handle becoming older and more dependent on others. I worry about my finances, my health, my family, about things changing. This anxiety is a tough nut. Can you help me lessen it?”
  • “I seem to be getting so forgetful. I worry that I’m losing it! Am I ok? Or is there something… wrong? Can you give me some reassurance?”

And here’s how people feel better:balance stones and lake

  • “I’m treating myself with a lot more loving kindness and forgiveness. My healing has started with loving myself more.”
  • “I feel less lonely and isolated.”
  • “I don’t feel as anxious or overwhelmed.”
  • “My relationship with my adult kids and grandkids is much better now.”
  • “I have increased peace of mind and a sense of hopefulness.”
  • “I am able to use more of my lifelong coping strengths, and I’ve learned new ones.”
  • “I’m more confident advocating for myself with my doctors, and my family is more confident in me too!”

Conscious Aging Support Groups

Often, I am asked to lead support groups such as the one below. If you’re interested in being part of such a group or getting one started, let’s talk. This photo is of a meditation group I was honored to help establish at a local retirement community. They have been meeting each week for many years to learn, practice, and support each other with humor and grace. And, yes, that’s me sitting in the front row.

If you want to explore the the benefits of geriatric counseling, please reach out for a free 20-minute consultation at: 415-378-6577. You can tell me what’s going on and ask questions and then, if you want to meet, we’ll schedule an appointment in San Anselmo or Mill Valley or on the telephone so you can start to get some relief!