Specialist in Issues of Midlife & Older Adults

Testimonials for Nancy Rhine, MS, LMFT, CPG

Lael Conway Duncan, MD
Medical Director of Consulting Services at Coalition for Compassionate Care of California
“Nancy is a strong patient advocate and caring, experienced professional. You will enjoy working with her.”

Laurel Etheridge, CMC
Etheridge Elder Care Management

“I highly recommend Nancy Rhine to older adults and/or their families. Nancy is a compassionate, skilled, and effective therapist with a strong knowledge of the challenges of aging and a sensitive ear. I never hesitate to refer my clients to her for support, counseling, and therapeutic interventions. The clients I have referred overwhelmingly praise Nancy and the help she has given them in getting through difficult and challenging times. She is equally adept at working with older adults facing transitions and counseling family caregivers on how to cope and take care of themselves. She is my “go to” resource for counseling and therapy for my clients and their families.”

Nan Heflin, MA, LMFT
Specialist in Issues of Older Adults , Alzheimer’s Association Support Group Facilitator
“Nancy provides experienced, professional and highly skilled support to older adults and the people who care of them. She is at the top of my referral list as I have the utmost confidence in her ability to assist her clients in navigating the issues of aging.”

Martha Parker, RN
Director Health Services, San Domenico Schools
“Nancy is a compassionate therapist who tackles the difficult topics and creates space for discussion. Her Marin Death Cafe is a progressive, compassionate and timely project that is helping so many who are experiencing loss of loved one.”

Michael Hingson
President of The Michael Hingson Group, Motivational Speaker, Diversity Training Consultant, NY Times Bestselling Author 
“I know Nancy through our mutual relationship and service concerning Whistlestop Wheels, AKA Marin Senior Coordinating Council. As Board Chairman, I have had the pleasure to work with Nancy and see her leadership and dedication in action. Nancy is willing to take on projects, even the demanding ones, and complete them successfully. I highly recommend Nancy and her work to anyone needing her services.”

Elisa Brooks
Recruiter, Business Consultant
“I have known Nancy for many years. Through the years I have so admired her authenticity, courage to be real and ability to truly help others. Nancy is a genuine and kind person. Her attributes are rare to find. She is one of the most insightful and compassionate people I know. Her wisdom is beyond her years. If you want a person to really “be there for you”….Nancy is the best.”

Tom Pinkson, PhD
Psychologist, Author of “Fruitful Aging”, Co-founder of first US Hospice
“Nancy is a delight to work with – bright, committed, truly caring, responsible and knows what she is doing! Plus a big heart and quality mind – a winning combination.”

Yvonne Roberts
Development and Marketing Director at Whistlestop (Marin Senior Coordinating Council)
“Nancy is professional, intuitive, smart, reliable, trustworthy and compassionate. I have worked with her as a board member and advisor. I found her to be very reasonable, helpful, a good listener and an excellent part of a team. Her character is inspirational.”

Donna Schafer
Executive Director at National Association for Professional Gerontologists
“Nancy takes her business and practice very seriously. She is a complete professional. As a gerontologist she has excellent preparation for working with older adults and their families. As a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist she has committed to the highest standards of the profession and to continuing professional development.”

Jennifer Rockwell
Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer
“I loved working with Nancy! She really cares for her patients and provides excellent therapy. She makes her patients feel loved and cared for.”

Robert Hunter
Principal and Founder at Marin Wealth Advisors llc
“Nancy is a true professional, but with a human touch. She has the training and skills to help families provide the comfort, care and emotional, physical and financial safety needed for their elders.”

Alma McDaniel, MS, LMFT
Gerontologist and Marriage & Family Therapist
“I would recommend Nancy for just about anything. She is a dedicated and professional person, an incredible therapist and a wonderful woman, mother and grandmother.”

Dave Slorpe
United Methodist Pastor
“Nancy is a warm, positive person who is deeply sensitive to the needs and goals of others. She is able to bring out the best in others so that they may reach their potential at any age. She is a person of great integrity with high professional standards and ethics.”

Patricia Allison, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
“Nancy is a joy to work with! She is compassionate and understanding, and brings a lot of knowledge to her work. I have found her to be very encouraging.”